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A New Game-show Idea

Everyone thinks that they can make better commercials than they see on TV.



   Three teams, each comprised of three ordinary people (families, friends, roommates, lovers), who think they are as creative as Advertising Executives, compete to create the perfect “Pitch” for each week’s guest client’s New Product for a national TV commercial campaign.

   In each episode, the Melissa introduces the guest Client and his new product. (Latest widget, new bake bean recipe, newest toilet cleaner, razor blade, car pharmaceutical, etc.)  Melissa then introduces the three teams who compete to “Pitch” their campaign for the new product. After a client presents and explains his or her “new product”, the teams have 1 hour each to create, design, and present a new campaign in front of the client.  Each team can ask the client one “Secret” question about the product that the other teams will not see the reply from the guest client.



   Camera teams follow the three creative teams to separate, “Brainstorming rooms”; equipped with paper, pens, markers, laptops, flipcharts and various materials.  We see their ideas, process, discussions, differences, opinions, arguments, and styles as they try to develop the winning ad campaign.

Twist: At the 30 minute mark, each team receives their “Secret answer” about the product from the client and scramble to adjust and finish their “Pitch”.


   All teams return to the central studio to reveal their secret question to all and present their “Pitch” to the client, as a group or a designated individual, and by any medium they desire: story boards, pantomime, flip charts, PowerPoint, charade, song or shadow puppets. The three teams present their campaigns to the week’s guest client.



   The guest client critiques each “Pitch” and then selects the winning Campaign. The winning team will receive a consulting Ad contract and $10,000.

Revenues can be generated by the guest client each week and that client has then presented their new product to the world.

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