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The Renaissance Man  

The Renaissance Man

A New Game-show Idea

A Competition Show to find the Perfect Man



   For 13 weeks, 10 men (Single, Married, Gay, Trans, Young or Old) compete in a variety of challenges; testing their life skills and abilities; from making gourmet dinner to re-plumbing a toilet.



   In each episode, the Hostess introduces the initial and, consequently, the remaining contestants, as contestant are  eliminated. Each week’s challenge will be selected by “spinning” the large digital screen displaying the twenty-five challenges in the competition.


   Once the weekly skill is selected, Melissa will introduce that week’s guest female judge who is an expert in  field selected and will oversee as the men attempt to complete their challenge. A periodic “Monkey Wrench” will keep the contestants on their toes


   Each contestant will receive one “Free Pass” to be used at any time throughout the 13-week competition. ( It is better to receive zero points than be eliminated) Throughout the series, points are accumulated by each contestant as awarded by the guest judge:  1 point for participating, 2 points for the runner-up and 3 points for the winner of the challenge.

   After week 6, the contestant with the lowest accumulated score each week will be eliminated. Leaving three contestants for the finale where the points will be doubled.


Categories such as:

  1. Prepare a dinner party for 6 people

  2. Fell a tree and chop into firewood

  3. Design and plant a flower garden

  4. Change all auto plugs, fluids, oil and a flat tire

  5. Design and make a necklaces and bracelet

  6. Build a doghouse

  7. Write and sing a song

  8. Install a toilet and sink

  9. Paint a mural

  10. Run an obstacle course

  11. Dance competition

  12. Shooting competition

  13. Install ceiling light and fan

  14. Design and sew a woman’s outfit

  15. Operate a backhoe to make a ditch

  16. Make a pottery or sculpture

  17. Drive an obstacle course

  18. Write and recite a poem

  19. Hike, canoe, and make a fire

  20. Babysit three kids for six hours

  21. Punt, Pass and Kick a football

  22. Style hair, and apply make-up to a model

  23. Give a Tattoo.

  24. Plan and execute a child’s birthday party

  25. Shovel and transport one ton of gravel



   By week 13, the contestant with the highest score will be declared: “The Renaissance Man.”

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